Meet Frog

Meet Frog. He’s my favourite stuffie.

meet Frog -3

I like to bath Frog, chew on Frog, shake Frog, throw Frog, prance around the house carrying Frog, play tug with Frog, wrestle with Frog, throw Frog at the kitties and try and get them to play with us, use Frog as a pillow… The list is endless. BOL!

meet Frog collage

I move Frog from room to room depending on where the kitties and our humans are hanging out. We don’t like to miss out on any of the fun.

meet Frog -6

My favourite game to play with Frog is wrestling but the kind of wrestling that involves a human.

Mom will pick up Frog, I’ll back up to the other side of the room and wait…


*lifts paw with anticipation*

Mom will say “ROAR!!” and I charge and tackle Frog in the air. We play tug for a few minutes then do it all over again. It is such a fun game!

meet Frog -2

I have yet to succeed getting Ravage to play with Frog and I, but I’ll keep trying.

meet Frog -8

Doesn’t my pillow look comfy? That’s because it is. *wink wink*

Mom and Dad thought Frog made a comfy pillow too.. until I drooled all over it. BOL!

meet Frog -7

A Walk To The Beach

collage beach Jan 19 2014

Of all the walks my humans take me on, this one is my favourite.

We walk to the beach, I get to dip my toes in the ocean (and if it’s nice out I’ll go for a swim), chase a few sticks, dig up a few rocks and maybe roll on something that smells amazing. My humans love it when I do that. *wink wink*

If the tide is out there are usually a lot of crows and seagulls scavenging the shore. I always run over to see what they’re up to but they fly away before I get too close. I guess I’m just a scary guy. BOL!


collage beach Jan 19 2014 -2

Sometimes we’ll see ducks, geese and herons and on the rare occasion we’ll see a seal or two. I have never seen an otter here (or any whales) but I did see a raccoon once.

I don’t like raccoon’s. They make all the hair on my back stand up.

When I was little we lived in an apartment on the bottom floor and there was this pack of raccoon’s that would pass through our yard all the time. If we happened to be outside and didn’t get in the house fast enough the biggest one would always charge at us. It was scary. That’s why I get nervous around them.

collage beach Jan 19 2014 -3

I love swimming and splashing in the ocean. Even during winter time when it’s extra cold. Sometimes my humans will have to tell me to stay out of the water because I’ll go in regardless of the temperature.

Even if it was snowing I’d still go in.

They claim I could get sick but I’m not so sure… I’m convinced that they just don’t want to deal with a wet dog later. Is it because I like to dry off by sleeping on the pillows on the bed when we get home?

collage beach Jan 19 2014 -4

Eventually my humans force me to leave the beach and we head to the trails to continue our walk through the park.

Not that I don’t enjoy the rest of the walk, I just like the beach more. But what water dog wouldn’t, right?

collage beach Jan 19 2014 -5

There are always a lot of great new smells in the park because many other dogs visit here too. It is a canine hot spot for all the latest news. If my humans and I are on a casual walk I’ll spend a good amount of time sniffing every tree and plant to catch up on the gossip.

Once in a while I’m allowed off-leash during the walk and so I’ll practice my agility skills, jumping and climbing and balancing on logs and rocks and stumps. It is so much fun!

collage beach Jan 19 2014 -6

And that’s why this is my favourite place to go for a walk.



I have a complex. I think I’m a cat.

I bath myself like a cat, I play with cat toys, I LOVE chasing the red dot from the laser pointer but chasing string is pretty fun too.

Being a cat is great. The only problem is that I’m not a cat.

And since I’m not a cat, I’m not supposed to go on the kitty tower. My humans say that I’m too heavy for it. Why would they say such a thing? I didn’t think I was overweight.

But I still sneak on it when nobody’s looking. I enjoy pretending I’m a cat and watching the birds from up here. Why is that so wrong?

Besides, Deunan doesn’t mind sharing. And I make a pretty convincing cat, don’t you think?


DSCF2724-WM Uh Meow

Them Some Noisy Geese

collage walk Jan 30-14

There was a couple of noisy geese on my walk this morning. And when I say noisy I mean REALLY noisy. They were so noisy that I was distracted the entire time we were walking through the park. I even had a hard time doing my business.

Yes. They were that noisy.

collage walk Jan 30-14 -2

All I can hear is “HONK! HONK! HONK! HONK! HONK! HONK! HONK!”

You’re hearing this too, right Dad? What the dog is wrong with them?

walk Jan30-14 -6

Can you see me in the photo below? I’m spying on Dad. But I guess I wasn’t quite stealthy enough since he caught me on camera. BOL!

walk Jan30-14

The two geese on the right side of the photo below are the ones who were making all the noise. We think they were a mom and dad because a bit further away there was a few younger looking geese that kept paddling laps on the other side of the docks and the entire time those two geese were freaking out. It was crazy.

walk Jan30-14 -7

Can you see the look on my face? I couldn’t believe all the racket I was hearing.

walk Jan30-14 -3

Why are they so loud? This is ridiculous. *shakes head in disbelief* Are birds always like this?

walk Jan30-14 -4

walk Jan30-14 -5


Those two were the noisiest geese I’ve ever been around. My big ears were ringing all the way home.

Our Backyard Adventure

collage oudoor adventure Jan 28 2014

My kitty siblings love to go outside. When the sun comes out they follow our humans around and give them the “stare down” (it’s how they beg) and if that still doesn’t work they’ll start meowing loudly. Except for Frenzy. He’ll just sit at the window and throw a tantrum right from the start.

Yep. They can be demanding little kitties sometimes. BOL!

But I love it when my kitties come outside with me. I get all excited and follow them around prancing and whining. Usually I’ll try and get them to play soccer with me but for some reason they’re not the biggest fans of that game. I have yet to figure out why…

collage outdoor adventure Jan 28 2014 -2

Anyway, we had a pawsome time hanging out in the backyard. Deunan bailed early though because she decided it was too cold for her and went back to snoozing by the fireplace. The funny part about that is she was the one who was being the most demanding to get outside. Silly girl.

Frenzy had a great time. He LOVES going outside – rain or shine, hot or cold – and like usual he found lots of tasty plants to chew on tangling himself multiple times in the process. But that’s normal for him too (see photo below).

When Ravage goes outside his favourite thing to do is wander around the yard and sniff everything. Sometimes he’ll play with a twig or two and chew on a few blades of grass but usually after he sniffs everything he just follows me around. Until I try and throw my soccer ball at him, that is.

Why don’t kitties like soccer? It’s so much fun.


After our backyard adventure we all went for a catnap. The kitties curled up in the living room because that’s where the fireplace is but I went to bed. It’s just so much comfier stretching out on my big bed.

That’s right, I called it my bed. Don’t worry, my humans know that it’s mine. *wink wink*

collage outdoor adventure Jan28 2014 -2

Fun With My Kitties

collage Jan 29 2014 -1

The kitties were being very silly after I came home from doggie daycare today. Ravage was zooming around the house at top warp, Deunan was bouncing around and pouncing on toys and Frenzy was following Mom around the house – just as he does every time she comes home after being gone for even a short period of time.

Yep. Frenzy’s even worse of a “Mama’s Boy” than I am. That’s the main reason why he and I didn’t get along for the longest time. We get jealous of each other. BOL! 

Since I was exhausted after my long day of daycare I had to have a catnap first before I joined my kitties in their fun. But once I recharged my batteries I was right in there with them, racing around and being silly. We had a pawsome time!

collage Jan 29 2014 -2

Ravage loves his toys but especially his catnip toys. He gets those big wild eyes and gnaws and drools on his toys to the point where they’re practically dripping. It is disgusting. Funny, but disgusting.

collage Jan 29 2014 -3

And then there’s Deunan. Doesn’t she look vicious gnawing on her big mouse? She can be such a crazy girl sometimes. Deunan will play with pretty much any toy in the toy box but her favourites are the ones with feathers attached.

There are no pictures of Frenzy playing with the toys today because he was too focused on being Mom’s shadow. Silly guy. 

collage Jan 29 2014 -4

What do you think of the carnage from this evenings toy time? And that’s only half of it. We are one messy pack! BOL! But we sure had a good time.

Frenzy Touched My Bone


See my new bone? I was all excited to have something to chew on when Dad brought it home yesterday. It smelled soooo good!

While Mom was pulling the packaging off Frenzy (like always) had to come see what we were up to. He has an ear for this kind of stuff and will always come running, even if he was sleeping soundly at the time.

Then he smelled the bone.

He started meowing real loud and pawing at it trying to grab it from Mom. Mom didn’t let him have it but he kept yelling and screaming while I sat nicely waiting for Mom to give it over while rolling my eyes at Frenzy’s attempts.

When she finally gave me my bone, I went to chew it on my blanket. BUT Frenzy followed me and since he’s such a bully he pushed me out of the way and proceeded to gnaw on it in his typical Frenzy fashion.

I stood back and watched sadly as he violated my new bone and slobbered all over it, chewing and licking all the yummiest spots first.

It took a few minutes before Mom noticed that I wasn’t the one chewing my bone but when she finally did she took it away from Frenzy and gave it back to me. By then I was too disturbed with what I had just witnessed and didn’t want it anymore.

Frenzy always has to ruin the good stuff. *sigh*

After I pouted for a while I decided that I would tough it out and brave the Frenzy cooties and chew on my bone again. It was worth it because my new bone is delicious! Frenzy cooties and all. BOL!

Today’s Adventures

collage am walk Jan28 2014

My morning walk was quite uneventful. No bunnies, no squirrels, no raccoon’s, no big birds (herons, geese), no seals, no deer, no otters, no nothing. Just a plain old walk.

But I’m not complaining because I love going on walks. Even if we don’t see anything exciting. I still get to sniff stuff and pee on a few trees too, which is essential for any good walk. Am I right?

collage am walk Jan28 2014 -2

My evening walk, however, was much more exciting because we went to the beach and I LOVE going to the beach! *big wiggles*

collage pm walk Jan28 2014

I had a great time splashing around in the ocean, digging up rocks and chasing sticks. One of my favourite things to do at the beach is pick up rocks that are under the water and bring them to the shore. My humans discourage me from doing it (they say it’s bad for my teeth) but I still usually manage to pick up a few before I get in trouble.

And yes, I know I’m weird.

collage pm walk Jan28 2014 -2

There was a lot of things to sniff and pee on and roll on. Unfortunately my humans pays pretty good attention and usually catch me before I roll on nice smelling stuff. But I always make sure to try. BOL!

collage pm walk Jan28 2014 -3

We found some funky looking rocks and a few cool sea shells. We also found a starfish that had washed up on the shore and looked to be barely alive. My humans threw it back in the water in hopes that it will be okay. *paws crossed*

collage pm walk Jan28 2014 -4

It was low tide so the beach was extra mucky but I don’t mind the mud at all. My humans don’t mind either.. Until we get home, that is. I’m not permitted in the house until all the mud is wiped off.

I don’t know what the big deal is. I like mud. Mud is pawsome.

Besides, don’t humans have a saying “a dirty dog is a happy dog?” So if that is indeed their logic, I should be allowed to stay dirty. Don’t you think?

collage pm walk Jan28 2014 -5

How To Pawtograph A Photo

collage pawtograph 2

How To Pawtograph A Photo: Step By Step

What You Will Need: A human (as this would be tricky to do yourself), newspaper, a piece of blank paper to practice on, non-toxic acrylic paint, a paintbrush and small bowl (to put paint in), a bowl of warm water and dry cloth and of course the photo you would like to pawtograph.

Step One: Get your human to spread out some newspaper on the floor where you will be doing the pawtographing.

If you’re like me and have fur-siblings, by now they should all be coming over to see what you and your human are up to.

Step Two: Stand on the newspaper and have your human paint the paw you will be using. Make sure to have the blank piece of paper ready.

This step usually takes a few extra minutes to get to at my house because all three of the kitties like to thoroughly inspect the pawtographing station before we start. 

Step Three: PRACTICE! Make sure to do a couple practice pawtographs FIRST so you get the hang of it. This way you and your human will know how much paint you need and how much pressure to apply (not much!) for the desired pawtograph look.

Do your best to ignore your fur-siblings as they stick their noses in everything. They are just attempting to make you mess up. Focus on your pawtograph.

Step Four: Pawtograph your photo. Once you and your human have your technique mastered (or close to) step on that photo but be careful!

If any of your fur-siblings are causing you serious distress request that your human remove them from the room for the remainder of the pawtograph session. Ravage is a professional and will sit and supervise (like he is the photos). Frenzy, on the other paw, would rather play in the paint and water bowl which usually lands him in a room all to himself for the remainder of the pawtograph session. 

Step Five: Clean up! Use the bowl of warm water to wash your paw and then wipe it off with the dry cloth. You should do this more than once and change the water in the bowl.

Watch your fur-siblings around the bowl of water. For some reason most humans get a bit stressed if it spills. 

And that’s it! Enjoy your newly pawtographed photo! 

Note: If you are planning to write on your pawtographed photo, I recommend that you do so first. Even after your pawtograph is dry it can still get scratched.

pawtograph 2 finish

The Coolest Cat I Know

ravage darko 2

Ravage is my most favourite kitty ever. No offense to all the other kitties out there – my kitty siblings included – but Ravage is the coolest cat I know.

First of all he’s a Decepticon. I’ve never seen him transform or anything but it is still really cool. The most pawsome thing about him, though, is that he thinks he is more a dog than a cat and is often referred to as a “dog-cat” by our humans (notice it is opposite of cat-dog which is what I am).

When our humans adopted Ravage at eight weeks old (long before I was born) Mom was working for the dark side as a pet groomer full time and so she would take Ravage to work with her every day. That’s why he thinks he’s a dog. He used to hang out with a dozen or more of us every day. BOL!

And so when I first met Ravage he strutted right up to me and tried to sniff my face and I ran away with all my hair standing up. I think Ravage was a little offended because he turned and walked away and left me “alone” for the rest of that first night.. Well, kind of. He didn’t try and confront me again, instead he just watched me from a distance. Which, I will admit was a little creepy.

The photo below (top right) was how my entire first night was spent. Can you see Ravage’s two yellow eyes in the black above my head? I slept on my bed while Ravage stared at me. All night long. It was a little unnerving at first how Ravage would follow me around and watch me, but after a few days I started to realize that he just wanted to play and we turned in to best friends.

collage darko ravage 1

Ravage and I have always ate our meals together and to this day if Ravage doesn’t get fed at the same time as me and in the same room I won’t usually eat (there has been the odd exception but not very often).

Ya, I know. I’m a bit weird.

collage darko ravage 2

Ravage and I love to play. One of our favourite games is racing around the house at maximum warp after each other. He also loves to tackle me and chew on my neck and face, usually while drooling.

Humans and cats say that dogs drool but the worst drooler I know is Ravage. Sometimes even I don’t want his snuggles because he’s covered from head to paws and it’s just gross. And that’s pretty bad. BOL!

But don’t worry, I always get him back. I nibble on his face and neck and clean his fur, making him all gross and slobbery. Drool for drool. I think that is fair. Don’t you? Ravage seems to think it’s a fair trade so I’ll just keep rolling with it.

When Ravage and I aren’t racing around the house together or being gross and slobbering on each other we can still usually be found just hanging out. We are besties. *wiggles*

My big bro Ravage is the coolest cat I know.

darko ravage